Meet Kyna our Bride to be ....

@Tosca Restaurant

Although Kyna was aware of the bridal shower, she had no idea of what to expect and /or who was going to be attending. When she had arrived she was surprised and amazed at how so many of her friends had come to support and show gratitude of the union between her and her fiance (Kendo). The atmosphere that day was simply lively. Kyna + friends = a whole lot of fun with all the inside jokes going around the room and past moments reflected upon. The entire event was filled with nothing but laughter, fun and joy with a group of people living in the moment. It was such a pleasure to take part of your beautiful bridal party as your photographer. Now the official count down begins. We are very excited about your wedding at the Radisson Hotel we can't wait to share and capture your special day. See you next month :0) - photographers-

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